How To Choose A Reliable IRS Lawyer?

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Most people think that hiring an IRS tax attorney means they will be spending thousands of dollars. This is far from the truth. Most tax attorneys take the fee for a one-time meeting up to $100. This flat rate includes all potential expenses. Such as researching the applicable tax laws and preparing necessary documents and audit information. Some tax attorneys will even give out free consultation where you can come discuss your case with them, and they may even be willing to take on the case pro bono.

The vast majority of tax liability cases are settled out of court. For this reason, most tax attorneys do not charge for a meeting with a tax specialist or for any telephone calls made to them. They will only charge you if there is a settlement in which they receive a percentage of the money the IRS owes you.

A reliable IRS lawyer will be a member of the Tax Lawyers Association of America. This is the absolute best way to make sure that you are working with a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the IRS. Unless you know of someone who has used such a lawyer, it is not worth your time to phone some in order to ask questions. Even if you get lucky and get some great advice, chances are that you have just narrowed your list of possible candidates down to two or three.

Once you narrow down the field, call each of the lawyers who you were considering. Make sure to tell them the specific details of your case. Get specific information about how many years you have to repay the taxes, how much the total penalties are, and anything else that might be important to you. A good lawyer will also let you know upfront whether or not he or she will be able to accomplish this for you, and will explain in detail how they will go about negotiating a deal for you on your behalf.

Another thing you can do to find a reliable IRS lawyer is by asking friends and relatives who have worked with one. There is no better advertisement than word-of-mouth. If someone you know got great results from a lawyer, then you can be reasonably certain that you can get similar results from that same lawyer. Of course, this only works if the two of you can be comfortable working together. Otherwise, it would be best to keep looking elsewhere.